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DIY Halloween Decor

link to post costumes with face masks

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link to costumes post
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Ladies Stocking Stuffers

Women’s Gifts Under $25

DIY Christmas idea

If you Don’t have a mantle and you are wondering where to hang your stockings. Try this.

No Mantle? No Problem?

Get a piece of wood Long enough for everyones stockings to be hung spaced out the way you want them.

You can place toggles on the back or use your preferred method of hanging the wood to the wall. My Husband just drove a couple screws through it into the wall. I defiantly don’t recommend you doing that, attach brackets or picture hanging wire so you don’t destroy your walls. In his defense it was my fault I went to the grocery store. lol

On the piece of wood staple garland and lights to the wood piece. remember to leave enough cord to plug it in if you need to.

Once you stapled and arranged yur garland, lights nad other decorations you can hang it on the wall.

Once securely on the wall find a clean space on the board to attach your command strips and hang your stockings.

You can hang it under your wall mounted tv over the couch, over an entryway table. Basically anywhere you you want!


Toy Review

More costume ideas… Check out this list of Costumes with Face Masks

See List

Added Photos – to an Upcycled DIY Design


Reclaimed wood wall art and home decor


Hand Painted Checkerboard Table







A DIY style in a Kayak and Marina Shop

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