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Halloween Costumes With Face Masks

Over 30 Halloween Costume Ideas that Have Face Masks or Face Coverings!

Costumes with Face Masks

With such a unique year we’ve had you better believe this Halloween is going to be unique too! We won’t even get into the logistics of your Halloween plans. Like every year, let’s start with the costumes! Your search criteria for 2020, face masks! Even though you probably feel like you have been wearing a Halloween mask all year, now you get to give it some character!

This Halloween I went on a search or costumes that have or can incorporate face masks. Of course, you could always get a scary Halloween mask or mascot head, but since we don’t want to do that. I have rounded up some costumes that look great and totally normal with some version of a face mask.

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Costumes With Masks


or should I say, Ninjas! Ninja’s and Assasins cover their face is black or red. You will find Ninja costumes for the whole family! You will find below men and boy ninjas. You could be a whole ninja family. Save on costumes by DIY-ing Ninja gear from old t-shirts or black sheets! I’m sure you already have the mask to match!

2. Alluring Assassin Much Like a Ninja she wears a mask and lethal!
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This page may contain affiliate links that allow me to earn a small commission through certain links at absolutely no cost to you.

Mouth and Face Make-Up Placed on Your Mask Instead

If your costume doesn’t have a mask but covers the mouth in make-up. Then it is time to get creative! Get out those fabric markers, puffy paint, iron-on decals, permanent markers. whatever you have that you could use to draw, paint or even sew. On to your mask what would be the face makeup to your costume. You may want to plan out and test your design before Halloween night, but I’m sure you could come up with something awesome! This idea can be applied to many of the costumes below!

Evil Clown

Mummy – Wear a white mask and just keep wrapping yourself up!

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SteamPunk Style

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Sequence Skeleton

Pink Power Ranger – No Mask Needed! union suit leotard.

Deadpool – Dito!

7. Mortal Kombat Kitana – Mask is part of the headdress/headband.

Mortal Kombat Mileena – She has a facemask, on its own, not attached.

Star Wars

Star Wars Darth Vader – These Star Wars costumes have an awesome helmet with a facemask of their own!

Star Wars

9. Medical Personnel Wear Face Masks

The Wild West

Cowgirls and Cowboys – For Cowgirls and Cowboys or anyone in the wild west, you can use your bandana as a face mask.

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Scarecrow – I have seen that they make burlap masks that cover your whole face. Which wasn’t really my style. So I thought this is an example of where you could apply your face makeup to your facemask instead.

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This page may contain affiliate links that allow me to earn a small commission through certain links at absolutely no cost to you.


The Skeleton costumes are great opportunities to get creative with decorating your face mask to match your costume.

Skeleton RingMaster

Ghost Pirate

Woman Ghost – All ghosts with sheets and coverings over their face, has a built-in face mask. This “Woman Ghost” had a great idea by draping the material or sheet over her hat. You could DIY a face shield hat that fits your costume perfectly! Ghost or Bride!

Skeleton in White Bones Pancho

Dia De Los Muertos Day of The Dead

Dark Reaper – Again with a decorated facemask instead of the makeup.

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One of a Kind Costumes with Masks

Genie – Looks like a mask to me! lol. Be a genie in a bottle, Quarantine Halloween!….. Or in a Box!

Barbie Box – No face mask needed! You literally have your own bubble… or box!

The Big Bad Wolf

18. Panda – You won’t get cold nor need a face mask in an awesome Panda suit!

19. Lego – No Face mask needed when you’re made of bricks!

20. Sour Patch Kid – Back in the same boat as the panda! No Mask needed in a mascot head!

Halloween Planning

Start planning your Halloween! Grab a FREE Halloween Family Planner. Plan Halloween parties on the events page with the calendar snapshot and checklists. Get prepared with your shopping lists for sweets and Trunk or Treat decorations. Get a head start on costume Shopping with a costume planner. Complete with “their size” lists for multiple costumes, for the whole family! Grab it below!

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Halloween Costumes with Facemasks

Happy Halloween

I hope these costumes give you some ideas and inspiration for Halloween! Be sure to stay safe this Halloween! Check out the DIY Halloween Decorations that Upcycle and Repurpose books! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive an update of the monthly good stuff!

DIY Larger Than Life Halloween Statues

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DIY Monster Mud Giant Halloween Statues

Halloween Statues with Monster Mud Made From Joint Compound and Latex Paint

DIY Halloween Statues

Monster Mud

This stuff is so Awesome!! So what is Monster Mud? It is a mixture of joint compound and latex paint. It makes an strong concrete-like paste, that you can use to DIY Monster Mud Halloween statues. Monster Muc can also be used for anything else whare you are looking to get a faux-concrete finish.

If you haven’t heard of it, then you have to check it out! If you are looking to create a larger than life statue for Halloween then you’re in the right place! The recipe is simple and you can use just about anything to make them. These Halloween statues are amazing!

Before we begin I must say my husband is the real artist of these statues. I helped in the creative process, sourcing materials, and taking notes on everything to pass along to you! He Made them for a Halloween production and they turned out truly amazing! Way too awesome not to share!

Please contact me if you are looking for larger than life Halloween statues for your production.

Giant Monster Mud Halloween Statues

Please contact me if you would like to have mud monsters made for your production.

Giant Monster Mud Halloween statues made from joint compound and latex paint.

Monster Mud

A Heavy base is required to hold this giant statue from toppling over. One important thing to remember when making your own. A frame of 2″x 4″‘s set in concrete adds weight to the base and keeps it steady.

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How to Make a Mud Monster Giant using Joint Compound and Latex Paint

The Base and Frame of Your Statue

We all know we need some bones!

First things first, you will want to figure out what faux concrete statue you want to make. The statues above are a giant skeleton Grimm reaper style, but you could do witch, gargoyles, Frankenstein, or a cemetery with tombstones. In the pictures below you will see wall hangings with skulls popping out of them. This was made stapling the cloth to the frame and pushing the skulls out against the cloth and monster mudding them.

Whichever statue you decide to make, you will need to plan the skeleton or frame that is going to hold up your statue. In the picture below, you can see the bases and frames of the statues. Besides the materials for the base, the body arms, legs, and head will need a supporting structure. To start you will use the wood coming from the base. From there you will attach different materials for you to mud on.

In these statues (you can see below) the 2″ x 4″‘s come up from the attached base. Have an intersecting 2″ x 4″ across the top for his shoulders and arms, and a piece for the neck, with supports to drill the skull on to. Once the wood frame and head are in place you will want chicken wire for more depth, a bunch of cloth for draping, and skeleton hands. If you don’t have hands, you can just drape the cloth out over where the hands would be. Other accessories you may want are more skulls, burlap for a different texture, faux chains, crows, brooms, spiders, bats, or anything else you think will complete your monster to make him more awesome.

The Base

First, you will start with the base. One thing is for sure! if you are making anything that has height, you are going to need a very heavy base. The largest statue has two H shaped bases made of railroad ties. Stacked on top of one each other and boarded together. This made a large heavy box for the statue’s base. Once the base was painted it looked really nice.

The other Mud Monster has a different style base. He is in a five-gallon Homer bucket. Place the 2×4’s in the five-gallon bucket going all the way to the bottom. You may want to attach a piece of wood between the two so they stay standing apart in the bucket. Then fill the bucket with Quik Crete. Once the boards set in the concrete, you will have a strong, sturdy, heavy base. Please note, if you are going to build your base this way, make sure you have enough time for the concrete to fully dry before you plan to start building your monster. Otherwise, the boards will move and you will have a crooked monster and risk it falling over.

The Frame

Once the Base is set, if you haven’t already attached wood for the arms, neck, and head, you can do that now. Once all, the wood is in place and you have attached the head. Then, you can use chicken wire to give the monster some depth so he is not so thin with just a cloth. It will also give you places to tuck the cloth into when draping it to dress your monster.

To attach the chicken wire you can use a large washer that is bigger than the mesh holes in the chicken wire and screw it to the wood. Screw all the loose ends of the chicken wire to the wood leaving excess for shaping. Then shape the wire to bulge out in the areas you want.

For instance, if you were making a witch statue and wanted a big hump on her back. You could use the chicken wire to make the hump that the cloth will drape over. Now that you have your base and frame ready it is time to move on to the messy fun stuff!

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Monster Mud Recipe

You can find the supplies for Monster Mud at a local home depot. Make sure to grab a Homer bucket or two! You’ll need one for mixing and the other for placing your drill mixer and other dirty tools in.

This recipe was refrenced fromWoodLoom


  • At least one if not more, Five-Gallon Buckets
  • A bucket of Premixed Drywall Joint Compound (1 five-gallon bucket) the darker the color the better
  • A Gallon of Latex Paint, (1 gallon) (interior or exterior)
  • A Power Drill and a Drill Mixer Bit
  • A Putty Knife or Spackle Blade
  • A Paint Stick for mixing by hand
  • Gloves
  • Rags
  • Plastic Sheet to protect the floor
  • Hose, bucket, or water nearby for washing
  • The Monsters frame or Decorations you are mudding

Now that you have gathered all of your supplies and you have your base and frame for your monster set and ready to build on. Start off by protecting the floor. You can start off by laying down a plastic sheet to protect the floor. Make sure you have enough room to walk all-around your statue, so you are able to drape and mud your monster evenly.

Place your statue base and frame on the protected area, along with the rest of the supplies. Get your power drill and connect the drill mixer to it.

Scoop Out Joint Compound

This recipe will be five parts joint compound to 1 part latex paint. The paint could stain your skin so go ahead and put your gloves on. Open your joint compound and scoop out a generous amount. The compound is like a thick heavy dough and not the easiest to work with. You can use jour hands, a putty, or spackle knife to help handle the compound.

Now Add The Paint

Now shake your exterior paint well and open it up. Remember we are going for a five to one ratio so keep that in mind when pouring your paint. Pour in as much latex paint as you think you’ll need. Remember you are going for five parts joint compound one part paint. It is ok if it is a little off. The color of your paint doesn’t matter, you can use any color you would like. Though darker colors are better for making the monster look more like concrete. You can also mix in colored paint tint while you are mixing the compound.

Mix with The Drill Mixer

Once you think you have the right amount of latex paint and you’ve added extra color if you want. Then it is time for you to grab your drill mixer. This could get messy so take your time and hold the bucket as you begin to mix. This is going to be a very thick mixture and will not be easy to smooth out quickly. So as I mentioned take your time. You may even want to stop periodically and mix it with your paint stick to make sure the compound is smoothing out. Keep alternating between drill mixer and mixing by hand until you have a smooth even mixture. Once you are satisfied with your mixture you can begin dressing your monster.

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Ideas to Add to Your Mud Monster

Add Light

When your are finished mudding your monster and he is fully dry. Give him some glow and add lights.

Change Directions

Make things even creepier facing the heads in different directions or looking around the corner.

Frame for the Wall

Scrape wood will make a perfect frame if you’re looking for a wall hanging.

Keep it Solo

A little latex paint and joint compound never hurt anyone….” lol

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Dressing and Draping Your Monster Mud Statue

Now that you have mixed your monster mud you are ready to start dressing and draping your monster. Before that though, A quick note, Your monster mud mixture will last with a sealed lid on it for a few months as long as it is sealed airtight and not frozen.

You can treat the monster mud like paint and brush it on where ever you would like. You can also treat it like paper mache and cover both sides of the dressing to make it stick in between layers and so both sides are hardened and stiff. Just make sure you don’t have big clumps of mud mixture. This will take a very long time to dry. It is best to do thin coats so it all dries and you can always go back and add more. You can paint all the decorations and objects you want with the mud mixture.

Now Let it Dry

When you are finishing up with the final layers make sure everything is exactly how you want it because once it dries there is really no way to change it easily. Give your statue at least a full day (24 hours) to dry. Once fully dry you can place your statue in its proper place. Keep in mind it will be heavy.

So there you go! that’s how to make a larger than life giant Halloween Mud Monster statue! If you make one of your own we would love to see. Stop back by and share your statue in the comments below! Don’t forget to Subscribe! I hope you enjoy DIY-ing your mud monster and I wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!


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DIY Halloween Decorations

Save Books with These DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s my Favorite time of year!… Halloween, No better time to DIY some decorations! Get started with some DIY Halloween decorations that help you clear out some bookshelves and storage bins. These DIY Halloween decorations upcycle and help save the books!

Halloween Planning

Halloween! Hands down my favorite holiday! There are so many wonderful festivities to fall and so many fun things to plan for Halloween!

Get started planning those Trunk or Treat decorations and costumes. With my FREE Family Halloween Planner, I made for you, so you don’t miss a treat! It has shopping lists for your candy, party goodies, and decorations, a Calendar snapshot for planning Halloween events, and a Family Costume Planner for multiple costumes and their sizes, so you won’t forget a thing!

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DIY Halloween Decorations to Upcycle Damaged Books

Happen to have some damaged or unwanted, books taking up space!? Great! Pick the ones you dislike the most and let’s get started. I have two DIY Halloween decorations using old, damaged, or unwanted books.

Upcycle and Save Books

DIY Book Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

The first DIY Halloween decorations are book pumpkins! They look so nice when they’re finished. They fit right in with modern farmhouse decor. Book Pumpkins are a great way to use the books that you would trash, but can’t because they are books. I understand.

These Halloween projects can also be a great way for you to save books. Go out and look for books to save, ask friends or neighbors if they have any they don’t want. Though, the best places to find free books are garage sales. If you stop by when the person is closing up or on their last day of the sale. Ask them if they have any books. I’m sure they will be delighted to give all the books they are going to be throwing away or donating. You can also offer to come back when. It is their last day.

How Many Books Make a Pumpkin?

How many books it will take to make a pumpkin will depend on the size of the books. It can take anywhere from three to ten books, depending on the size of them. Ideally, I’d say five books per pumpkin, but I found it to be more like seven. Especially if they are thin chapter books. Sometimes they all run the same size and you need a couple more books to make the wider part in the middle.

You may need to use your imagination, but you’ll want to pre-stack your pumpkin to make sure it looks right. For a pumpkin, you want the smallest books on the top and bottom. Then work your way with three to seven more books. Stacking them to meet with the widest books in the middle. Kind of like a diamond.

If you are having trouble finding the right sized books, don’t worry. I found it harder than I thought it would be too. The next project only requires one book and I’m sure between these two projects you can come up with something creative for the remaining books!

Painting The Books

Once you have found your books, then you’ll want to start painting. It may take many light coats of paint depending on how well your paint covers the book. As always you want to make sure you leave enough dry time in between coats to not mess up your paint job.

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The cover

When it comes to these DIY Halloween decorations there is no right or wrong to painting the books, it will be different for everyone and every book. First, there are so many ways to get creative with your coverings. You could also use adhesive vinyl, mod podge, fabric, burlap, etc. Second, the material of the book’s cover and its pages are going to dictate what type of paint you use.

If you have a paperback or a hardback book with a shiny cover, you will probably want to use spray paint. It will stick better to the glossy cover. Do light coats and let it fully dry in between, so it doesn’t run. If you have a paper or matte finish cover, you should have no problem covering it with any type of paint.

Fabric Covered Books

Now, if you are using books like I did, on the big pumpkin (on the left). Hardcover with a cloth-like texture. Then you will need to find a combination of different paint types to cover to book evenly. The reason being, the thick cloth cover absorbs the paint and you get a splotchy effect where the paint soaked in more than other spots or you’re stuck with having to do many, many coats. To avoid that we can use two different types of paint.

On my books, the first two coats of spray paint absorbed quickly. That’s when I realized I needed two different types of paint. I brushed it with regular acrylic or craft paint in the same orange. This evened out the paint splotches and gave my spray paint a layer to sit on, so it did not get absorbed again on my final coat.

Learn from my trial and error process. Before painting test the paint on the book. Test it in an area that won’t be showing. So you can see how your paint will take to its’ surface; the color, and how long it will take to dry between layers. That way you can find your method and won’t waste your books or paint.

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The Pages

You can choose to paint around the book the edges of the pages and the spine or only the spine or not. It is up to you. (If you were making a candy corn book stack you would alter page colors!)You will want to decide if you want the pages to still look separated. You don’t want to accidentally paint them shut because then if you open the book it will crack the paint off.

What worked best for me was standing the book up with the pages fanned out and spraying very light coats of spray paint all around to stand and let dry. Once dry and before painting the next coat. Separate and move the pages around, to prevent too many sticking together, if you are looking for the pages to still look separated when you’re done.

Upcycled Books into Halloween Decorations

Next Layers

If you are using a combination of paints to cover your books. Then once that coat is dry you can do the next coat. If your brushing paint on; Go ahead and lay the book down, to get a proper paint job. You can save time by doing all the front covers first so they can dry while to paint the edges and spine. Then you’ll be able to go right into painting the back covers once you finished all the edges.

Continue layering the paint, one coat at a time, or until your book is covered to your liking. Let them dry completely before you start handling them. Once they are dry, you can stack them into a pumpkin!

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The Stem and Leaves

First, find pieces of scrap wood you want to use for the stem. You will drill three whole holes in the scrap wood piece toward the bottom of what you want the stem to be. Two holes for the twine to thread through and one hole to twist your curly wire stem through. Try to find scrap pieces you think will stand up better. You want the wood to stay standing after we run and tie the twine and wire stem through it.

The Stem

For the curly part of the stem, I used a wire hanger twisted into a spring-like shape. Then I twisted it through that third hole in the scrap wood. You can use floral wire or even bead a piece of wire for a little bling. If you are using a tough wire. I found it easier to twist the first half of the wire into the spring shape, then thread it through the stem hole, and twist the second half into a spring shape after the wood is on.

The Leaves

Now for the leaves. To make it look more like leaves I spray painted the twine with some green paint to mix in with the brown for better-looking leaves. Jute isn’t always the strongest, so I tripled and quadruple the twine around each side. I Tied the twine in a standard postmaster tie around all four sides. Threading the two groups of strings through the holes in the stem to help keep everything in place and our stem standing. I left large loops in the bow to look like leaves.

Make Your Book Pumpkin Easier to Store

You may glue the books together before tying them, just to be safe. This will make for easier storage and handling, especially if you think they will be attracting attention or you’re selling them! (mine sold for $8 a pumpkin at a local craft shop) There you have it a simple and beautiful way to save books and DIY your own Book Pumpkin Halloween Decoration.

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DIY An enchanted Halloween Spellbook Accent PIECE

UpCycle Damaged and Unwanted Books into Spellbook Decorations this Halloween

DIY A Halloween Decorative Accent An Enchanted Spellbook

The second Halloween decoration you can make while saving books. Is a magic spell book or enchanted looking book for a shelve or side table. This, like the first project, is made with an old, damaged, or books that are set for the trash.

First, you’ll want to paint the book. Just as we did in the first project. Either with a brush on paint or spray paint or a combination of the two. If your books cover has minimal graphics on it or you can cover them up with decorations, feel free to skip painting the cover. Other covering methods such as fabric or brown paper will work, just don’t use vinyl or anything that will melt with hot glue.

Decorating The Book

After you have painted or cover the books. Let them dry and you can begin to decorate them. My favorite Items that look the best on hardcover books. Are wooden appliques you can buy them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores. For this project, you can use just about anything that fits the style you going for. It doesn’t even matter the color if you plan to spray paint over it in the end. You could use wooden decals, stick-on gems, fabric, leather, glue on buttons, beads, pipe cleaners, sequence, pins or plaques, and anything else you can think of!

In the photos above I cut a cut of faux leather and hot glued it to the sides of the gem and in between hot glue lines I already laid. Then I went back over the edges to give it a more sunk-in look.

With this book (below) I used a felt Doyle cut-out, that I painted at the same time as the book and glued it on with hot glue. Next, I layered hot glue over the top of the Doyle. Continuing the hot glue out from the middle, with “legs” of hot glue.

Once the glue dries, you can paint over the hot glue to make it match the rest of the book, like this one. You could also use a few colors or some metallic. With some gems, you could make a really cool one! The possibilities are endless with this project. If you would like to explore a version using mod-podge you can check out this tutorial on ehow.

Not Just for Halloween

You can create a decorative accent book for more than just Halloween. If you check out the Nautical Farmhouse page you will see a decorative accent book I chalk painted in blue and placed the same color anchor on it for decor at a Kayak and Marina establishment. At Christmas, I painted a book red and placed a wooden applique wreath in red on the front. Which turned out really nice on top of a couple of other books next to a Christmas candle. Once you start exploring you will come up with tons of ideas, trust me!

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In fact,… I bet you will not guess what these are?

They’re Baby Books!

Yep! Baby Books! Looking for a little less permanent book decor piece! Find some festive paper and some books you don’t plan on reading for a while and make book covers for them! Paper book covers as you did in school! I used baby books and scrapbook paper with fall designs to cover those books. with larger paper or taping a couple of pieces together, you can cover larger books. You never know maybe cone could cover all the books on the shelf in a pattern or ombre color scheme! In case you have forgotten how to make a book cover I have included visual instructions below.

The possibilities really are endless and I would love to see what you come up with. I hope you enjoyed these DIY Halloween Decorations that help save the books! Stop by and share your DIY decorations in the comments below!

In case you have forgotten…


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