Hello, I’m Samantha Founder of Detroit Deco DIY Blog. I invite you to come to see what Detroit Deco is as I tell you about what you can find here.

Straight out of quarantine! This site is (in the process of being) loaded with projects, ideas, how-to’s, and recommendations; for your home, life, and other crafts. I am ecstatic to meet you and hospitably welcome you to Detroit Deco. I hope you explore all of the DIY, crafts, home decor, furniture, repurposing, up-cycling, sewing, and upholstery projects.

Here you will find party themes, event design, decorations, unique gift ideas, awesome recipes, and Manhattan-style storage solutions, to complete the cleanup and organization experience, just because it’s so much fun!

In Seek of…

Anyone who has ever thought, “I can make that!” I’m right there with you; I think that all the time!

The DIY knack is a fun one and has endless possibilities. I’ve been truckin’ away at those possibilities and along the way, I’ve created Detroit Deco. I did so to share my adventures and knowledge, in hopes to inspire you to create and share a DIY adventure of your own.

If you are a first time DIY-er, rest assured, it is not as hard as you think! A wise teacher once said…

“There are no mistakes in art, only the opportunity to be more creative.”

-An Awesome Art Teacher, from Dunn Elementary

Enjoy The Craft!

You can make something big or small, perfect or not, all that matters is that you enjoyed doing it and get those creative juices flowing!

From inspiration and ideas for the beginner and advanced craftsmen, there is something for everyone. I have created my content in simple terms, with well explained instructions and nothing too technical. You can find resources on where to find supplies and materials within each post and on the “Resources” page. You may also email me at samantha@detroitdeco.com

My recommendations and reviews are my honest, no held back opinion of my experience. My findings are to the point, no small talk articles are my style. I value your time and would hate to waste it. There is so much I want to share with you and more importantly I cannot wait to listen to your opinions and see your creations. I hope you find Detroit Deco inspiring and useful! Please share it with your friends, family and anyone with the DIY knack!

Happy Vibe, Happy Tribe

After the global lockdown, I emerge asking you if I can join YOUR tribe. With my utmost appreciation for your visit, opinions, and shares, I hope you are as excited as I am about this new venture! I welcome your love and support and grow with the Detroit Deco tribe! Receive an update every two months of the freshest DIY design, decor, and bright ideas!

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You will only be emailed the epic good stuff! Never any spam. Your email is safe, I do not share.

How Did Detroit Deco Get Started?

“We’re Looking Good!” I told the kids, as I finished setting the table. The house is clean, the laundry is done, the table is set, the kids are playing in their Pj’s (for once they bathed early)! The spaghetti diner is ready!

I put the garlic bread in the oven and hustle to wash the last few dishes in the sink. With sudsy hands and a smile that couldn’t be held back, I was already feeling the joy of a happy house!

Excited to be done, I looked up white drying the last plate and out the window in front of me, I see my husband’s truck piled high with old, rundown furniture being backed up our long driveway. Confused and curious I go out to the garage and start looking at the stuff and my husband says, “I thought we could redo the furniture and sell it.”

I smiled big and said, “Oh Yeah!”

Of course, I didn’t have the name nor plans to be where I am today with Detroit Deco. That was the day, my husband and I started redoing, repurposing, upcycling, designing, and creating, furniture, and home decor.

It was originally coined the name “Adult Arts and Crafts Time,” because we are like two big kids playing arts and crafts in the garage. In fact, that’s our favorite date-night; order in sushi and make something awesome in the garage! As you can guess, I ended up burning the garlic bread! Since that day on, you can find me in the garage exploring the possibilities and enjoying the craft!

Continuing the DIY Adventure

I’ve sold pieces on Marketplace, LetGo, OfferUp, Craigslist, from our garage sales and I’ve given away many pieces. My garage was only so big.

One day I was driving home and noticed the local Kayak and Marina started serving coffee. They’re located on a large corner lot at the busiest four-way stop in town, with brand new covered boat slips, shiny kayaks and golf carts right at the marina.

Gorgeous place, but when I noticed their method of advertisement for their new coffee service. My degree in Business Management and Administration and eight years of branding and marketing experience was not necessary. It was obvious their eight-foot sheet of plywood with the words “COFFEE OPEN,” spray-painted poorly in the parking lot; was not sending their consumers the right message! I felt it was my duty as a citizen of Gibraltar, MI, residing two blocks away from what should be, my new favorite coffee shop, to make them a sign!

Off To Find Some Pallet Wood

I took my time and was very patient with this project. The sign had to be perfect. I had heard through the grapevine that a framed pallet wood sign, that the owners purchased from one my garage sales, was one of the only decorations on the wall. I was also hoping that I could possibly sell my items in their shop if they liked my coffee sign.

After the sign was fit to my perfection, I revealed it to the owners and they fell in love! Not only did they allow me to sell my rustic decor and furniture, but I was asked to brand the establishment by creating an atmosphere and designing their image.

Job Well Done

I created an atmosphere all right! I brought in classic board games and books to invite guests to stay awhile, built a children’s farmhouse table and bench to create a kids corner. All in all, I outfitted the entire 3,000 square feet in Detroit Deco Style Decor and Furniture. We kicked off the new design with live music, a pumpkin stand, and boat hayrides. The owners and the town loved it, they couldn’t stop complimenting the furniture.

Detroit Deco's DIY Coffee Shop Sign create and share DIY ideas

To see how Captain Jim’s turned out, visit the post “Creating An Up-Cycled D.I.Y Atmosphere at a Local Shop.” Don’t forget to share and follow Detroit Deco on Pinterest!

I knew I wanted to Share

It was a great success! My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing their smiling faces and how much they truly enjoyed my work, not to mention the fulfillment I get while working on my pieces. I met so many excited people that really loved up cycled and repurposed furniture and decor; each of them had some sort of DIY story of their own. As I met with more and more happy customers I noticed some similarities in their stories.

Everyone had “dabbled” (their commonly used word) in some sort of DIY project of their own. All of them “really enjoyed it, but…” they, “didn’t have time for it” or felt they “weren’t any good at it.” That saddened me and brought me to the realization; I did not want to be the only one experiencing all the joys of DIY-ing. I wanted to share what I have learned and create a house of resources to show people how they can make over, repurpose and up cycle just about anything and get creative to DIY a style of their own.

What is Detroit Deco Style?

Detroit Deco Style is a rustic yet modern take on farmhouse and industrial styles. Sophisticated colors and smooth finishes with enough rough edges to give it that rustic feel. Nothing too over bearing, though each piece wears its’ own suit. Straight lines and symmetry balanced by subtle details and highlights to stand out are prevalent here. Personally partial to solids you will find minimal patterns; more blacks than brown and no grainy wood. Not much metallics and glitter, but then again, you never know!

I strive for an overall sturdy and clean finished piece that achieves what I’ve had envisioned. Keeping it practical, functional… and just flat out awesome! I hope Detroit Deco’s Style is of your liking and would love to hear how you describe your style!

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Interesting Facts About Me

My Husband and I have two beautiful, smart, energetic children. A Boy and A Girl and they love arts and crafts as much as we do!

I have a Bachelors in Business Management and Administration from The City College of New York

I was a Fashion Model for Five Years.

Food and Beverage Hospitality is my business passion, I’ve operated many bars and restaurants.

My Favorite Song is Drops of Jupiter, by Train.

Basketball is my Sport and I love to Snow Ski.

I Love my Nikes… My favorite color is Black. Don’t step on them.

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