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Welcome Signs with Hand Sanitizer Reminders

Welcome, Signs for #TheNewNormal. Sanitizer Dispenser Decorations Reminders to Your Guests to use Hand Sanitizer. FREE PRINTABLE

What we would have considered clean enough before the health crisis. Is no longer up to par. We aren’t just taking other people’s word for it either! We want to “know” it has recently been sanitized, only touched by gloves, and has had the limited possibility of exposure to the virus! Before we sanitize it again our selves!

decorative example of saying

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The Number One Place We Want to Keep Clean are Our Homes

Due to the nature of quarantine. We have all developed a little bit of that, “it’s not clean unless I’ve cleaned it,” feeling. After all, we can’t control all the germs. We can only do our best to control the germs we pick up by touch and the germs we bring into our homes. You and your family members probably have your own personal routine for, “Ridding the germs from your hands and the shoes from your feet.” But, you can’t say the same for your guests, After all, they don’t live there.

Although, I’m sure your guests are doing their part to #stopthespread. Still, you can’t help that feeling of, “Its not clean unless I’ve cleaned it.” After all, you never know, what they came in contact with on the way to your house! 😉

So, it only makes sense! Our number one place we want to keep clean is our homes. Why wouldn’t you want to remind your guests to leave the street germs at the door!?!

Entryway Decorative Friendly Reminders. Ask your guest to put on hands sanitizer without actually asking them. Politely remind your guests to use hand sanitizer and remove their shoes upon entering your house.
Ask your guest to leave the street germs at the door, without actually asking them! Entryway Decor Decorative Friendly Reminders to Guests to use Hand Sanitizer

Welcome! Please Check Germs and Shoes at The Door.

The New Clean

Our behaviors of respect for not spreading germs have shifted #thenewnorm. A few months ago, you wouldn’t have dared to ask your guests to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. Unless you were coming to see their newborn baby. Now, you wouldn’t be surprised if you were asked to put on a mask!

Today if you are invited into someone’s house and show no regard for your shoes or hands. They may consider it impolite.

The entire globe has gone through a health crisis and everyone has felt the consequences of germs. As quarantines are lifted and we begin to socialize again. Germs will be the top concern on everyone’s mind. Including your guests. Which means they should have no problem doing their part to minimize the number of germs they bring into your home; After all, wouldn’t they want the same respect at their house?

So, you have arrived at the conclusion that you would like your guests to remove their shoes and put on hand sanitizer.

Now for the tough part. How do you ask Your Guests?

Some may have no problem coming right out and stating their request to their guests. While on the other hand, others may feel uncomfortable giving their guests a command. As soon as they walk in the door. I completely understand! I do not feel 100% comfortable either.

Hand Sanitizer Sayings

Post COVID-19 Welcome Signs

This got me thinking! Which lead me to my design of some home decor accent pieces. I am naming them Decorative Reminders. A decorative accent piece that fits in with your style and politely states your request to your guests. While also camouflaging or decorating (whichever way you wanna slice it ;)) the hand sanitizer bottle. For in your front entryway, foyer, mudroom, command center, coat closet, side door, or back door, even in the garage! Set it on an accent table or hang it on the wall. No matter the location, a Decorative Reminder is a little visual notification, that it’s time to GermX.

The Decorative Reminders I Designed

If you want to make a Decorative Reminder of your own. I have included a FREE PRINTABLE with all the sayings! Don’t forget to get yours!

[convertkit form=1457020]

Hand Sanitizer Welcome Signs Entryway Decorations with Friendly Reminders to Guests (and your family) to Disinfect.

What do You think!?!

I hope you liked my collection of Decorative Reminders and sayings! These are just an example of the endless possibilities of designs you can do. I used a very simple DIY method to create them. Which I have for you down below! Along with some other simple ideas. To make your own reminder that fits in with your style.

I am SO excited to pass along my idea! That I included a FREE PRINTABLE of ALL the Decorative Reminder Sayings for you!!! INCLUDING a BLACK FONT and WHITE FONT VERSION of each! So, you won’t have any trouble fitting into your design! Grab your freebie printable below!

[convertkit form=1457020]

*Remember there is a black and white version of each. The pages that look blank have white text on them. You can refer to the file name to select the right one. If you highlight or click and drag your cursor over the page you can see the white text. Print out the one you want. *Remember to select only the page(s) you want to print in the page range section of the print screen so you don’t waste ink.

DIY a Sanitizer Reminder Decoration of Your Own

I hope you are feeling my #thenewnormal Welcome signs! Don’t forget to grab your free sayings! If not, write down your favorite saying to use later. Below you will find ideas for making your own Decorative Reminder with or without a printer! There are so many ways you can DIY the perfect GermX station for your home. Here is the easy method I used for the ones above. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the newest ideas to your inbox!

[convertkit form=1395672]

Simple DIY Method I used To Make Hand Sanitizer Reminder Accents

This is an easy DIY project using Mod-Podge. You will need the surface that you wish to “paste” your design onto. Just about any surface works with Mod-Podge; wood, a dry painted surface, paper, cardboard or foam board, glass, ceramic, acrylic, plastic, and even fabric.

First, get your FREE PRINTABLE SAYINGS, check your email and press CONFIRM. Go through the sayings and pick the one you want. *Remember there is a black and white version of each. The pages that look blank have white text on them. You can refer to the file name to select the right one. If you highlight or click and drag your cursor over the page you can see the white text. Print out the one you want. *Remember to select the page(s) you want to print in the page range section of the print screen so you don’t waste ink.

DIY Post COVID-19 Welcome Signs

Now, the part that makes this method easy, is the paper. The paper I used is called Vellum Paper. You can buy it at any Staples, Office Depot, Michaels, or other office supplies or arts and craft stores. It is like tracing paper, but thicker like card stock. It comes in standard letter size for easy printing. When you put it together with Mod-Podge you can make just about anything. This paper is honestly one of my favorite craft supplies!

Load however many sheets you want into your printer, and print like normal. Be sure the ink is dry when you start to handle it, so it doesn’t smudge. Then you can cut around your design if you wish.

White vellum paper to print for crafts
A DIY-er’s MUST HAVE Supply! You can do so much with this paper.

Don’t Forget Your Printable! 

[convertkit form=1457020]

The Decorative Reminder Possibilities are Endless

You can use regular white paper or colored paper too! I used the Vellum paper because the Mod-Podge dries completely clear. That way you can print all the designs you want and they can be used on multiple surfaces with its transparent background.

Once you have the saying cut out and ready to use. Mod-Podge it onto the surface you want to use for your decorative reminder. For my collection in the pictures above, the surfaces I used were. A piece of wood I painted white and attached the sanitizer dispenser box and a hook for your guest’s coat. Two dollar store wooden sign craft blanks I painted white. A piece of foam board mounted to a piece of charcoal painted wood. Lastly, an upcycled wooden shadow box I didn’t use anymore.

DIY Mod-Podge a Post COVID-19 Welcome Sign

If you are not familiar with Mod-Podge. It is like painting with glue, you want to apply smooth even layers for a flawless finish. Minimizing brush stokes and trying to avoid putting too much in one spot. The Mod-Podge is the “paint” or finish, but it is also the glue. So you brush a layer of Mod-Podge on the surface you’re placing your design on. Then you brush a layer on the back of your design. Once the design is positioned and smoothed out. You’ll apply another layer of Mod-Podge for the “final Coat” or sealer. Don’t worry it doesn’t need to dry in between. You can do all three parts and a few minutes one after the other.

To Get Started

First, roll the bottle of Mod-Podge back and forth to mix it up. Do not shake it or stir it up real fast, as for that will make bubbles. Apply a smooth even layer to the surface you are using. Then quickly apply a smooth even layer to the back of your design. The paper will start to curl up shortly after you apply the Mod-Podge so move quickly. When applying the Mod-Podge you want to start in the middle and brush outward towards every edge of the paper.

Line up the design on your surface and place the middle part down first. Then, slowly smooth out the rest of the paper. Pushing outward towards all edges, eliminating air bubbles. Since your hands usually get sticky while smoothing out the surface. I like to have a few clean nonporous items nearby, like a plastic cup, marker, or ruler. Anything smooth that you can use to “squeegee” the paper down and push out air bubbles. If you get some on your fingers, you don’t want to try to smooth it out because it will leave dirty marks from anything on your fingers. it dries rather quickly so work fast. You don’t want dried Mod-Podge getting onto the clean surface. Keep baby wipes or damp cloth nearby to wipe your fingers quickly. The moisture takes off the half-dried Modge-Podge, so you don’t leave fingerprints when you go back to your design.

Last Step

For the final step put one last smooth even layer of Mod-Podge over the top of your design. You can press down firmly with the brush to help smooth out any areas that may have a lot of Mod-Podge under them. Remember to start in the middle and work your way outward. Be sure to apply a generous amount to the top layer so no edges stick up. Seal the edges and corners really well by running long outward strokes, past the corners and edges of the design. Now let it dry! The longer it dries the more transparent the Mod-Podge becomes. So don’t worry if you have spots that are white. It will eventually dry clear. As long as it is left alone and the surface is not tampered with.

You can apply more coats and/or more layers depending on the look you are going for. After 24 hours you will be able to use it unless you did multiple layers or you used a stronger type of Mod-Podge. I didn’t go into all the details of Mod-Podge, but you can get the dishwasher safe version and it really holds up well, especially if you apply multiple coats.

DIY Ideas to make your own Welcome Reminder

Let’s say you do not have a printer (or ink) and you don’t have Mod-Podge. No problem! You can write down your favorite saying, practice, doodling it in a few different handwritings. Once you are ready to write your final saying, grab a ruler to guide you, as you write above the straight edge. If you want to help writing straight lines.

If you’re like me, then you probably couldn’t stand to look at your own handwriting every day. You could ask someone else to write it or you could make a magazine clipping version. Cut out all letters in your saying from a magazine and paste them to paper or card stock.

Other no printer options are vinyl cut letters if you have a circuit cutter. Sticker letters, you can get decorative ones in the scrapbooking section of arts and craft stores. You could also stencil the saying on with paint.

[convertkit form=1457020]

More Creative Decorative Reminder Ideas

You can place your saying or design in a frame with or without glass. To sit on an entryway table or hang it on the wall. To get even more creative you could Mod-Podge or adheres your saying to the box you keep the sanitizer dispenser in. You could also Mod-Podge it right onto the Germx bottle itself!

Personally, my favorite is, a multi-purpose accent! Not only a sanitizer reminder but also a coat, hat, or key rack. Great if you have a small entryway! Hang it on the wall or from an existing hook. You could post it up at a command center or use a mail sorter pocket to hold the dispenser. What about a garage entrance or mudroom, next to your furry friend’s leash! 🙂 lol. I’m going to stop myself there! As you can see the possibilities are endless!


We are all traveling through uncharted waters in this global pandemic and there is no doubt it has changed us all. We have already modified our cleaning routines and heightened our awareness of germs. So, I felt changing times and changing habits. Calls for a change in decor!! We walk through the door of our homes differently now and your guests do as well. To clear up the awkward greeting and put the tension at ease. Add a Decorative Reminder to your entryway decor so you and your guests can get on with their visit.

As we continue to write history, post-quarantine, and with our New standards for cleanliness. I hope you take along the idea of Decorative Reminders and you pass it along with a creative example of your own! Please comment down below and stop back by to share a design of your own! Show some love and subscribe to Detroit Deco and Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

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